I was already watching on Facebook what Julia Grässer from Warrior Princess Yoga was doing while living in Germany. She is such an authentic and driven yoga teacher! She really made me want to meet her. The first time we met was at the One Bowl, a vegan pay-as-you-feel restaurant, which serves from Wednesday to Sunday a vegan dish. You decide how much you want to pay, and you can even sponsor someone in need.

As I had realized, Julia equally loves yoga and life, as the tantric yoga tradition encourages us to do. Being undogmatic, she calls herself the funniest yogi in Copenhagen, and I can only but confirm this. I brought for our first meeting a bottle of red wine (you are allowed to bring your wine at One Bowl!), and as they didn’t have any wine glasses, I bought some wine glasses from the Genbrug shop next door. It was a promising start…

About Warrior Princess Yoga

Julia teaches authentic and traditional yoga with a down-to-earth approach, a lot of heart, and good vibes. She founded in 2017, here in Copenhagen, this concept that she calls Warrior Princess Yoga, which is a collaboration of four yoga teachers – including me – so that we can provide for almost every demand a suitable expert. Read here to discover more about Julia, Swana, and Emily.

Collaboration with Warrior Princess Yoga

I quickly became a close friend and professional colleague to Julia. We subbed each other in yoga classes, for example at the beach at the Reffen; we had dinner and went on a mini-cruise to Oslo together. On this cruise, we let our creativity flow and came up with some really good ideas for the next few months, and hopefully the coming years. Already curious? You better be! The Collaboration with Warrior Princess Yoga is going to be a big success! Sign up for my newsletter to stay up to date.

Want to become a part of Warrior Princess Yoga?

If you are an educated yoga teacher with at least 200 hours of yoga teacher training and you want to join our team, please send me an email or use the contact form.