Private Yoga

Treat yourself as the unique person that you are with private yoga!

What to Expect from Private Yoga

With a private yoga session, you receive 75 minutes of practice either for yourself alone or with someone else. It is perfectly tailored to your wishes, your schedule, and your needs. We can practice in my yoga studio or at your home. Private yoga sessions can be a great alternative if you don’t feel physically or mentally comfortable of attending regular group courses.

Before the session, on a telephone call we clarify your exact objectives, needs, and wishes. With this information in mind, I will then develop a tailored and unique plan just for you. A private yoga session will follow the same sequence as my group courses. After the second session, you will get this plan as written instructions (stick figures) to take home with you, as it would be beneficial if you could continue to practice at home as well. Just seven minutes every day will be enough at the beginning. You decide if and for how much longer you want to continue practicing. Like always in yoga, being consistent is more important than the number of hours you put in.

To be successful, you should schedule at least five units/classes of private yoga with me within a three to five weeks period.

Private Yoga at your Home

For an extra charge of only 100 kr, this private yoga session can also take place at your home if it is located in and around Copenhagen.

“I have been taking private yoga classes with Kirstin for now half a year and it is all that I have hoped for.

She offers a flexible schedule, time to focus on what my body needs, and the inspiration to practice at home. Kirstin has been very good to focus on my own level of experience, to align and guide my positions when needed. She also pushes me outside of my comfort zone. It was just what I was looking for. “


Risk Manager, Danske Bank

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