Office Yoga / Business Yoga

Treat your coworkers with office yoga as the most precious asset for your business!

What to Expect from Office Yoga

I will come to your company, saving you and your coworkers the commute to a yoga studio. Hatha yoga classes could take place early in the morning, during lunch break or directly after working hours. Practicing yoga with your coworkers will – besides all the usual benefits of yoga – give you a feeling of togetherness and a positive working attitude. You will learn:

  • to focus with more joy and love on your work
  • stretching exercises directly on the chair
  • to calm yourself before important meetings or phone calls
  • to disconnect more easily after work hours

A short office yoga / business yoga session of only 15 – 30 minutes can already help you to loosen up any stiffness in your body and to boost your energy. No need to change your clothes or use a particular room. We practice sitting on your office chair, standing in the kitchen or in a meeting room.

A 60 minutes office yoga class will get more physical, so it will be necessary to have a yoga mat, two blocks, and a belt per student. We will need a quiet room to use that is big enough for everyone (we can push some desks against a wall!). Classes can be intended for the beginner or a more advanced level. You decide!

Since I am part of a cooperation of other yoga teachers, with Warrior Princess Yoga, I can provide a substitute teacher in case of any emergency.

Prices Office Yoga / Business Yoga

15 minutes at 500 kr, 30 minutes at 600 kr and 60 minutes at 950 kr for a maximum of 10 students. Usually, the Staff Association of the company hires me here, in Denmark. All terms and conditions are negotiable.

“Kirstin’s attitude and classes have been highly professional; you can feel that she fully understands what office workers really need to improve their body and mind.

Most of us started as beginners, and we got a perfect introduction to yoga. First, we learned the basic postures, always with easy alternatives for everyone. Later, the classes became more physically demanding. Some of us were surprised by what we were capable of! Besides this, every class had a calm and meditative approach that set us up for a focused working day.

We can recommend Kirstin’s office yoga and are sorry that she moves to Denmark.”


Health Insurance, Germany

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