Hatha Yoga Group Courses

Enjoy having the comfort of a small group size in my hatha yoga courses and receiving my full attention!

What to Expect

In my Hatha yoga group courses, I teach a modern style of Hatha yoga, which takes the body and the daily habits of Western people into consideration. It is vital for me to take care of my students individually. With a maximum of only 6 participants, it is therefore easy to welcome any beginner students into my regular group courses. If you have any special needs, it might be a good idea to schedule some private classes first.

Sequence of a Hatha Yoga Group Class

All Hatha yoga classes are taught in English. We begin with a short meditation by becoming more present on our yoga mat and leaving our everyday life behind us. We perform the asanas (yoga postures) either in flow (in a Vinyasa style) or by holding the positions a little longer – remaining almost motionless. My students enjoy the fact that some of the classes are more challenging while others are meditative and gentle for the body. The pace and the overall tone have to match the intention and the heart opening theme of the class.

We want to experience balance, strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination, joy, and freedom. Through the asana practice, we become more internally grounded, open, and centered. We can, therefore, collect our thoughts more easily during the closing meditation in comparison to the one at the beginning of the class. Usually, we will practice by relying on the Ujjayi breathing and adding more breathing techniques (Pranayama) before doing the corpse pose (Shavasana) – the final relaxation. In other words, by following this practice, you will be able to enjoy the 5 to 10 minutes of Shavasana more deeply. Finally, before ending the course, I will share some ideas and small tasks with you about how to transfer the philosophy of yoga into your everyday life.

Including the Hatha Yoga Philosophy

Each of my yoga classes follows an important yogic theme, so that gradually the foundation of the  tantric yoga philosophy can become more easily accessible to you in your daily life. The heart opening theme will run throughout the entire class like a golden thread, linking everything together. Guided by this thread, you can reconnect over and over again with your own spirituality, heart, and intentions.

“Since taking Hatha yoga lessons with Kirstin, many things have changed for the better in my life. I improved my posture; I am more attentive, and I do have a new consciousness.

I am very grateful that Kirstin leads me. She does so with such devotion and has a different and inspiring heart theme for each class. Kirstin shares her great wealth of experience with all of her students. She also gives us valuable tips for everyday life. I’ll stay true to her and say THANK YOU.”



“with Kirstin is like taking a short holiday: the stress and tension of the day disappear, and after the first ten sessions I had more energy and I felt more balanced. Her yoga teaching blew away all of my headaches!”

The small group size is great: Kirstin helps with small corrections in the asanas and individually cares for each student.”


Bank Employee

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