Yesterday I taught the first class at 19:30 pm after the summer vacation in my garden and it turned out that it got quite freezing towards to end of the class. Therefore, all classes will be held in the yoga room again. We are lucky that we do not have to wear masks to avoid the spreading of corona like in most of Europe, but we still need to make sure that we stick to the rules the Danish Government has set as good as possible. The corona rules are a bit stricter indoors than outdoors. If we all comply to these rules, I am confident that our yoga journey will go on to bring us fulfillment and connection to our inner beings.


Corona Rules and Practicalities

  • All surfaces will be cleaned before each yoga class.
  • You will find a hand sanitizer in the entrance area. Please use it when you come in.
  • Please bring your own yoga mat.
  • I am not allowed to serve water or tea anymore. Please bring a bottle for yourself.
  • Everyone will get one block cost-free with your name on it to use as long as this pandemic lasts. So, you do not need to disinfect your block. It can stay in the yoga closet.
  • Bring a big towel or a sarong (turned out to be a perfect cover for a bolster!) that you can put over the equipment we use.
  • Bring some warm clothes or a big blanket for relaxation.
  • There is a maximum of four participants in the yoga room. Please keep the social distance. There is a requirement for a 1-meter distance from “nose to nose.”
  • Stay home if you notice symptoms of illness or if you are at risk.
  • Due to corona I had to reduce the number of participants and I introduced the possibilty of booking single classes instead of a complete course. Therefore it is even more important that you unsubscribe from your spot 24 hours upfront, if you cannot participate, so that I can pass your spot on to someone else. If you cancel later, I need to charge for this class.