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Kirstin Hofkens
Harespringet 9
2400 Copenhagen Nordvest
Mobile: +45 26 29 28 77

CVR-nr.: 39825589

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Yoga Copenhagen by Kirstin Hofkens

Harespringet 9
2400 Copenhagen
26 29 28 77

Frequently Asked

I have never practiced any kind of yoga before. Am I a good fit for your group courses?

Sure, you are very welcome! As there is only a maximum of 6 students in my classes, I can integrate beginners very easily in my  group classes while still being able to observe everyone. Please book a trial class for only 50 kr with me.

In which language do you teach?

I teach all my group courses in English. Since I am a German native speaker, I can offer private and business courses in German as well. Read more about my background here.

How do I get to your place? Where can I park my car?

You can come by public transport: it’s a 4 minutes walk from the bus stop Hyrdevangen/Horsebakken (bus 68) or a 10 minutes walk from the bus stop Mosesvinget (bus 250S).

We do have 3 parking spots directly in front of the house and we have enough space for bicycles.

What should I wear to practice Hatha yoga?

You don’t need to buy any special or fancy yoga clothes. Anything that is comfortable and is easy to move in will do. We practice barefoot.

Can I just come by and participate in one of your Hatha yoga classes?

Please send me a message first, if you would like to come by and do a trial session. I will then verify when is the next available spot and contact you. A trial class costs only 50 kr.

You could as well take part in one of my classes I teach at Warrior Princess Yoga.

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