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Hi, I’m Kirstin! Yoga is about the best thing in my life and I would love to share it with you.

My Mission

It is important to me that you learn how to expand your mental and physical limitations little by little, over time. By practicing yoga, you will become more open to new experiences and discover more about yourself as a creative and connected social being. Above all, you will experience the depth and the magic of yoga, which goes way beyond the physical aspects of going through a series of body postures. You will learn about all the different yoga techniques and discover how you can do them during your home yoga practice. As a result, your body will become healthier, feel rejuvenated and your energy will flow more smoothly. At the same time, you will learn how to calm your mind, therefore allowing you to make more and better conscious decisions, which naturally leads to happier and stronger relationships.

About Healing

Since my early childhood, I have always been passionate about physical exercise, whether it be through gymnastics, ballet, skiing, badminton, or sport climbing, before I eventually became interested in yoga. I had always heard that there was more to yoga than the obvious physical benefits, and I became soon interested. During one of my very first yoga classes, at the end of the relaxation section, I sensed something special and magical happening within me. Something that was difficult to explain but felt incredibly good. I started practicing yoga with the same competitive attitude as when I did sports: with a lot of willpower and ambition, while always comparing myself to the teacher and the other students. Overcoming this attitude took a long time.

My first roughly 200 hours of training as a yoga teacher were physically challenging, focusing heavily on creating a perfect body alignment in the asanas (body postures), which was exactly what I had been looking for at that time during my yoga journey. After completing the training, I was now able to practice and to teach asanas in an energetic and beneficial way. More importantly, however, I had come to learn how to practice with an intention coming from my heart, which would give a deeper meaning to my future practice. In my opinion, this kind of intention elevates yoga over every other sport in the world.

Overcoming Physical Constraints

During the beginning of my practice, it soon turned out that I was too results-oriented, and despite doing Hatha yoga almost on a daily basis, I developed an injury in my shoulders and a mysterious pain in my ankles, wrists, and fingers. Various doctors, physiotherapists, and even healers could not tell me for years where this pain came from. However, I learned through yoga how to deal with it and overcome it. Over time, I came to realize part of the problem was that I practiced a form of yoga that was physically too challenging, or more precisely, that too many of the exercises were in fact not beneficial for my body. I still had to learn how to better listen to my body and to embrace it as my holy temple, which sometimes meant sticking with an easy routine and with meditating rather than doing an intensive 90 minutes class. And I am taking more time to spoil myself and for example treat myself to a massage or a nice day in the spa.

During my training, my second yoga teacher was Tanja Sailer who transformed my yoga practice into a gentler and more conscious approach. Tanja is best known for her meditative teaching style and her profound knowledge of the yogic philosophy. My second training included over 800 hours of education over four years. Through Tanja’s teachings, I have acquired a deeper and more practical understanding of the philosophy of yoga, especially of Tantra yoga. Different breathing and meditation techniques also made up a large portion of the overall training, for which I am incredibly grateful. It is important for me to incorporate all of these elements into every class that I give today.

About my Personal Growth

It took me quite some time to establish a regular home yoga practice… But “going every day on your yoga mat” turned out to be a challenge for most of my fellow students who aspired to become yoga teachers. I consider it to be one of my biggest achievements to practice on the mat 95% of the time. As I’ve mentioned before, however, being on the mat can sometimes simply mean to take things easy. Maybe you can just sit, breathe and meditate without doing a single handstand or a warrior pose.

Through this continuous practice, I became more mindful, patient, and open-hearted. I am continuously in touch with my own intuition and the universal energy flowing around us. Despite being born in 1971, I still consider myself to be a young and incredibly curious mind. Thanks to yoga, it will always remain open to change and to new possibilities. For example, in February 2020 I received my second Reiki degree, so that I can now send healing energy across time and space during my teachings.

About my Healthy Lifestyle

Simultaneously as I became more aware of the essential needs of my body and mind, I started to get rid of some unhealthy habits. I finally decided to stop smoking after over 20 years, which was probably one of my biggest accomplishments. I strongly believe that I found it easier to quit smoking while practicing yoga and meditation, since my mind was now stronger than ever before. I still drink alcohol in moderation, from time to time, since the tantric philosophy has taught me to deny nothing, but to embrace everything. After all, you know best what is good for you! This personal understanding will develop alongside your regular practice.

In every aspect of my life, I am now choosing healthy options, and with remarkable ease. I have managed to find a good work-life balance, which is challenging enough so that I may feel fulfilled while giving me the freedom to enjoy spending time with my family and my adorable pets. It feels unbelievably satisfying to have a regular rhythm of daily activity, waking up at 6 am and being in bed by 10:30 pm. For a long time, I believed that living according to such a strict schedule was one of the most boring things in the world. Now, I know better.

My entire family also has adopted a healthier lifestyle, with my husband and daughter having developed a similarly finely tuned morning routine. Everyone knows when to wake up, take a shower, and walk the dog so that we can all meditate together before having breakfast in peace. A couple of years ago, we became vegetarians, choosing to only occasionally eat fish. I am very proud to say that we eat copious amounts of fruits and vegetables everyday 😉. If you want to know more about healthy eating habits, please have a look at my colleague Carolyn Young’s website.

About my Yoga Studio

While completing my second training, I opened in September 2014 my own yoga studio in Waiblingen, Germany. Yet, after only four years, my husband received an exciting job offer in Copenhagen, so we decided to move there instead. As a result, I had to close my school and open a new one here, in Nordvest, in early 2019. I consider myself very lucky to be able to teach at our house on Harespringet 9. All my classes are in English, but I am able to teach in German as well, upon request. Since June 2019, I have joined Warrior Princess Yoga, a yoga teacher collective here in Copenhagen.

Facts About Kirstin

• Married to Roeland Hofkens
• Mother of Iduna Hofkens, born 2007
• 2004 Certificate Thai Yoga Massage
• 2013 MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) Training with Andrea Richter
• 2013 Anusara® Yoga-Teacher-Training, 200-hours
• September 2014 founded of my first yoga studio in Waiblingen, Germany
• October 2018 Graduation of a 800+ hours Hatha-Yoga-Teacher-Training at IYP Institut für Yoga und praxisorientierte Philosophie von Tanja Sailer
• March 2019 founded my yoga studio in Copenhagen Nordvest, Denmark
• June 2019 member of Warrior Princess Yoga Copenhagen
• February 2020 Reiki (Energy Healing) Degree II with Bianka Million
• Advanced Training in Yin Yoga 80+ hours with Helga Baumgartner

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