I’m kirstin hofkens

Certified Hatha Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Helping You Gain Physical Wellbeing & A Calm Mind

Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher

You can trust my knowledge and experience in teaching a well-aligned Hatha yoga, which comes from having attended over 1,000 hours of teacher training.

Yoga with Social Distancing = Yoga in my Garden Nearby

If the weather during weekends is warm enough, I offer yoga courses in my garden with two meters of distance between participants.


Improve your physical wellbeing, adopt a calm mind and create better relationships through a regular Hatha yoga and meditation practice.


Be part of a small and regular yoga group of a maximum 6 students. You will receive my full attention and guidance in such an exclusive setting.


Don’t spend hours driving and have more time with your family. Practice nearby at Yoga Copenhagen Nordvest/Brønshøj.


I teach a safe and healing form of Hatha yoga focusing on the proper alignment of the body. My style builds on 1000+ hours of education. I am teaching yoga since 2014 .

Yoga Style at Yoga Copenhagen

At Yoga Copenhagen, I teach a modern form of Hatha yoga, which has been adapted to the body and habits of Western people. At the same time, I also incorporate the ideas of the traditional Tantra philosophy into my classes, which is life-affirming and heart-oriented. Join me to find out if my authentic and open-hearted teaching style resonates with you!

Your Benefits through Yoga

  • Gain power and flexibility
  • Calming your mind
  • Prevent burnout
  • Increase your concentration and levels of patience
  • Become more self-confident
  • Revitalize your digestive system
  • Improve the quality of your sleep
  • Help to form other healthy habits

Gain all of these benefits by joining my courses at Yoga Copenhagen.

About Me

My name is Kirstin Hofkens, I am a certified and open-hearted Hatha yoga teacher who helps busy people, primarily from Copenhagen Nordvest, to find peace in their lives. Through my refined and inspiring teaching style, I empower students in a safe and fun way to establish a regular yoga and meditation practice. This practice will help you to calm your mind, improve your physical wellbeing, and form happier relationships with others. Practice with me at Yoga Copenhagen!

Yoga has taught me so much: to accept the limitations of my own body, while at the same time pushing myself in healthy and exciting new ways. Years ago, I discovered just how useful and healing it is to maintain a Hatha yoga routine, especially when it is being practiced with conscious breathing and mental intention. I have also learned to lovingly embrace my body as the temple that it is.

Through yoga, I have gradually learned to control my mind and to remove unhealthy habits from my life. It is essential, after all, to transfer the insights that you gain from your yoga mat to your everyday life. If you become more balanced in your body while working on the mat, you will also find more balance in your life. Once you learn that you are not your thoughts, you will soon discover that you always have a choice.

Healing yourself means healing the world! Learn what my teacher Tanja Sailer has taught me, her insights rooted in a long history of ancient teachers. Make an uplifting decision today, and practice yoga and meditation with me.

Testimonials of Yoga Copenhagen

“Practicing yoga with Kirstin at Yoga Copenhagen is like taking a short holiday: the stress and tension of the day disappear, and after the first ten sessions I had more energy and I felt more balanced. Her yoga teaching blew away all of my headaches!

The small group size is great, since Kirstin can give me small corrections during the poses (asanas) while caring individually for each student.”


Bank Employee

“The private yoga classes with Kirstin were very harmonious and perfectly tailored to my needs. I was really stressed before starting this practice and yoga has helped me a lot since. Kirstin prepared a new program for every yoga class and I have kept her handouts to continue exercising at home. I often think back with joy and happiness on the courses.

The investment in private yoga lessons with Kirstin was well worth it. I highly recommend Yoga Copenhagen.”


General Practitioner, Self-employed

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